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5 Main Reasons Your Cargo Is Delayed

  It can be frustrating when your shipment is late. Estimated transit time is supposed to be as precise as possible so that the parties involved know when to expect the delivery and when to arrange for pickup. However, things can go wrong and unfortunately, shipping delays can occur. Customers may end up pushing you […]

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Minimizing Airfreight Costs

  To combat trade wars, tariffs, and other obstacles, it’s important to optimize your supply chain. One way is to minimize air freight cost, which is generally a fast and reliable but expensive option.   1. Evaluate Lead Times And Use The Appropriate Transport Mode. If lead times aren’t tight, consider using slower transportation methods,

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Top 5 Misconceptions About The Packing List

  Many shippers may be aware of the Bill of Lading’s importance and its vital role in ensuring the proper transportation and retrieval of an ocean freight shipment. However, the importance of the shipping packing list must not be overlooked. Whether you’re filling out a packing list to export commercial merchandise or to move overseas,

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7 R's Logistics

The 7 R’s Of Logistics

  Supply Chain Management involves the regulation of goods and services through effective planning, design, execution, control and monitoring of supply chain activities. Supply Chain and Logistics Management are undeniably vital to every company operating in numerous industry. The 7 R’s (Rights) is one of the most crucial concepts in Logistics Management and managers should

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11 Common Problems Shippers Face At Destination

  Common Problems Shippers Face To those unfamiliar with the ocean freight industry, it can appear complex. It involves many different entities and each entity is comprised of its own set of rules and regulations to abide by. Understanding them is one part of the job done. Anticipating potential problems is something else. With that

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